BFIS Sponsor Process

The BFIS Sponsor Process has three steps:

This is the checklist to walk you through the BFIS Sponsor process.

This tutorial is a review of the orientation BFIS Sponsors receive.

An organization or individual becomes a BFIS Sponsor of professional development, only after a person from that organization receives an orientation and signs an agreement with Northern Lights.  Only the individual who received the orientation may act as the BFIS Sponsor for that organization.  The BFIS Sponsor is responsible for alerting Northern Lights of any changes in contact information  or personnel in order to maintain their status as a BFIS Sponsor.

BFIS Sponsors can access a PASSWORD PROTECTED BFIS Sponsor page. NOTE this password is given by Northern Lights staff to these special sponsors.  It is NOT the  password you would use to get into your BFIS account.

BFIS Sponsors:

1. Provide complete training information for posting into the BFIS Course Calendar. (see side bar)

Use the BFIS Course Calendar Submission Form (type in) form to be sure that you have included all of the details that will help providers search and register for trainings. Follow the directions to submit information for posting.

2. Provide Documentation of Professional Development forms for each activity that you sponsor. (sent to you by email)

Professionals need these forms for their personal records. Copies are often required when they apply for certification, licensing and credentialing.  For security reasons, blank copies of the Documentation of Professional Development Form are available only to Sponsors. They can be accessed by contacting the Vermont Northern Lights Career Development Center to receive a Sponsor Orientation.

Professional development activities should align with Vermont’s Core Competencies for Early Childhood or Afterschool Professionals. Indicate the Core Knowledge Areas and Subheadings on each DPD Form.  Also CDA and Agency of Education teacher standards should be noted.

3. Use and submit a BFIS-friendly Attendance Form.  (on the BFIS Sponsor Password protected page)

  • Add the training title, date and time to each page.
  • Have participants add their name, mailing address, phone number and e-mail address so that Northern Lights staff  can regularly update contact information within the BFIS system.
  • Have participants add their current employer, which helps Northern Lights staff to find them in a database that includes thousands of names!
  • There is a BFIS Credential number attached to every professional development account within the BFIS system. Have participants include their BFIS Credential number on the attendance sheet so that Northern Lights staff can quickly access their account and accurately enter the training into it.

Send completed attendance forms by email to  If they are readable, you can also FAX them to Northern Lights @ 802-828-2805 Or mail to BFIS Attendance c/o Northern Lights. CCV – PO Box 489 Montpelier, VT. 05601