Children’s Integrated Services (CIS)

Children’s Integrated Services (CIS) provides prevention and early intervention services to promote a child’s growth and development and support their families.  Services are provided during the mother’s pregnancy/postpartum and the child’s early years (birth to six).  Services can include nursing, family support, specialized child care, early childhood and family mental health, and early intervention. The Vermont Early Childhood and Family Mental Health Knowledge and Competencies are the foundation that all CIS staff share.

There are 12 CIS teams in Vermont, each hosted by a community organization.

Members of CIS teams have the following roles:

  • In take coordinator
  • Child care coordinator
  • Early interventionist
  • Mental health clinician
  • Maternal child health nurse
  • Family support worker

They provide services primarily in child care programs and in families’ homes.

There are a range of professional requirements for each of the different CIS roles.  They include:

  • Experience working with families and their young children
  • Bachelor or Master Degree in early childhood, early childhood special education or a related field.  Early Interventionists must be certified
  • Credentialed or licensed  in early childhood special education, nursing, social work, early childhood mental health, clinical mental health counseling, physical or occupational therapy, speech language pathology and other specific knowledge and skills in working with young children and their families.
  • Skills in service coordination and  serving as a consultant
  • Management, budget and supervision experience

In addition to the knowledge and skills required for their individual roles, CIS teams together need to be able to-

  • work collaboratively and communicate effectively in a multi-disciplinary team
  • use community resources and make appropriate referrals
  • outreach to families and community services
  • maintain professional boundaries and ethical practices
  • follow family-centered practices
  • meet  documentation and legal requirements