Updating Your Instructor Profile

To make updates to your application or approved Instructor Profile, go to the Instructor Application

  • Log-in as an existing user with your email address and the password that you created at the time of your initial application.
  • Existing users can create a new password at any time by clicking the forget password? link in the log-in box. Contact Northern Lights if you need assistance.

Once you log-in, you will be able to view and update the following sections of your instructor profile:

  • New E-mail Address- it is critical that you keep this current!
  • Contact Information
  • Educational Background
  • Work Experience
  • Additional Information
  • answer renewal questions, three months before you need to renew

When you update your instructor profile it will temporarily be removed from public view until changes have been viewed and confirmed by the system administrator. Updates that could result in a change in Instructor Level (hours of instruction given, education) will require supporting documentation prior to approval.  A Northern Lights Administrator will review updates when they are submitted and the Approval Panel may also review them during the regular review schedule.