Instructor Support

The Affiliate I, II or Specialist I Instructor works with the support of a Supporting Instructor  who is at the Certified, Master or Specialist II level of the Instructor Registry.  The process is individualized to the needs of the Instructor.  As they work together, both the Instructor and Supporting Instructor complete the Instructor Support Documentation form to summarize how they planned, reviewed and assessed instruction.

There are 3 phases:

  1. Planning – designing your professional development activity using adult learning principles, current expertise in the topic, and knowledge of participants’ needs.  The  Instructor Observation/Planning Tool can guide your planning.
  2. Implementation – Presenting a training. The Supporting Instructor may observe, or co-present  depending on the needs of the Instructor teaching.  The Supporting Instructor may use the Instructor Observation/Planning tool as a guide.  Later on as the Instructor gains experience, the Supporting Instructor may not need to be at the training.
  3. Assessment – Together they review the feedback from the participants, the observation of the Supporting Instructor and the performance of the Instructor.  The Instructor Observation/Planning tool might be used by the Instructor, to reflect on how the training experience went.

The Affiliate I, II or Specialist I Instructors  submits this documentation to Northern Lights in order to renew or move  to a new Level in the Instructor Registry.  This document must be completed and signed by both the instructor and the supporting instructor to move up the Instructor Registry.

How do I find a Supporting Instructor?

Your supporting Instructor must be a current Certified, Master or Specialist II in the Instructor Registry.

a) Search the Instructor Registry to find an instructor by region  or Instructor level .  NOTE:  the region is where that person is willing to teach; it may not be where that person lives.   You can also look at their Instructor Profile to learn more about them and how to contact them.

b) Select a few possible Supporting Instructors and contact them. Ask him or her to be your supporting instructor.  You may need to explain what the supporting instructor does, if  they don’t know.

c) Once the person says yes, arrange to talk or meet with them as you plan your instruction.  Be sure to share the documentation forms with your Supporting Instructor so together you can document your work.

When you have accumulated the required hours of training experience with your Supporting Instructor:

  1. Submit your completed Instructor Support Documentation to Northern Lights to review
  2. Update your Instructor Profile with your additional training hours and click SUBMIT
  3. The Instructor Approval Panel will review your updated profile at the next committee meeting.