Instructor Renewal

To be maintained in the Registry, instructors at all levels need to renew their application every three years. 

  • Instructors will be notified by email of their upcoming renewal 90, 60  and then 30 days in advance of that date.
  • If the instructor does not renew by then, their  Instructor Profile will be suspended.
  • Renewal of instructors in Vermont’s Instructor Registry helps maintain current instructor information and ensure that instructors keep their knowledge of the early childhood/afterschool field current and accurate.

Before you  Renew:

  1. complete professional development during the last three years, to continue to grow professionally as an instructor,
  2. provide adult instruction
  3. review the Instructor Knowledge and Competencies OR complete the  Instructor Observation/Planning Tool   (this is a fill-able PDF) This can be completed by
    • you based on a  training you have given and reviewed, OR
    • by an observer of your training – giving you feedback

Instructor profiles will be temporarily removed from public view while they are being updated and renewed.

3 Easy Steps to Renew:

Go to your  Instructor Application/Profile

Log-in as an existing user with your email address and the password that you created at the time of your initial application.  You can create a new password any time by clicking the forget password? link in the log-in box. Contact Northern Lights if you need assistance.


Update your Instructor Profile.  Add any training have you provided in the last three years and update any other information in your profile.  Updates that could result in a change in Instructor Level such completed education degree/certification will require  documentation prior to approval.

Once you have updated your profile, go to the last section of your instructor profile.  See this: “You should renew in the next xx weeks – please click here to Begin Renewal Process“.  Click there!


See and carefully answer the renewal questions in your Instructor Profile.

If you have worked with a supporting instructor (Affiliate 1,2, or Specialist 1) or acted as a Supporting Instructor to others you will have  addition questions to answer.



If you are an Affiliate I, II or Specialist I Instructor, you are working with a Supporting Instructor (Certified, Master or Specialist II) that you identified when you joined the Instructor Registry.

SEND these documents of your work together to Northern Lights

TO: Northern Lights-Instructors: PO Box 489; Montpelier, VT 05601  OR  scan to