Instructor Registry Application and Profile

Instructor Registry  This one link gets you to your:

  •  Application
  • once approved it becomes your Instructor Registry Profile
  • Update and Renew  your application/profile

(Only  the status of Apply, Approved, Renew or Pending are accessible to you.  Updated and Submitted  status are first reviewed by Northern Lights before it is changed to be visible to you)

BEFORE JOINING the Instructor Registry:

  1. Consider and Gather information
    •  identify your current place on the instructor levels
    • if you are Specialist I, Affiliate I or II, identify a supporting instructor
    • get your college transcript(s) and certificates if it is not already entered in your BFIS Credential account (find your transcript under DOCUMENTS in your account)
    • review and update your resume
    • list past trainings you have provided to adults that relate to the Core Knowledge Areas for early childhood or afterschool professionals
    • consider your ideas about adult learning and development – you will be asked about this on the application
  2. Send your supporting documents including transcripts to Northern Lights: PO Box 489, Montpelier VT 05601 or scanned (PDF) to:  IF they are not already in your BFIS Credential Account.
  3. Complete the online  Instructor Registry Application and click Submit.
  4. Committee review of application (see schedule below)


If you have any questions about what to include or how to fill out the application, make an appointment with Instructor Registry Coordinator, Amelia Struthers: or (802) 885-8374.


You join the professional Instructors in Vermont.  Your application becomes your Instructor Profile.  On your application you can choose if this will be public.   Continue to update your profile to keep it current, especially your email as that is how Sponsors and Northern Lights will contact you.

  1. Before renewal
  2. Renew your status every 3 years


New Applications are reviewed every 6-8 weeks. Submitted applications and supporting documents must be received by the following deadlines to be prepared for Approval Panel Review, which takes place on alternate months. 

  • Deadline February 1 (Reviewed and approved in March)
  • Deadline April 1 (Reviewed and approved in May)
  • Deadline June 1 (Reviewed and approved in July)
  • Deadline August 1 (Reviewed and approved in September)
  • Deadline October 1 (Reviewed and approved in November)
  • December 1 (Reviewed and approved in January)

Incomplete applications will be put on hold until the next review date pending receipt of supporting documents.

Renewed and updated Instructor profiles  are reviewed regularly.


  • The First time you log in you will be asked to enter your email and password.  The email becomes your user name and you can log in any time.  You  can change your password any time by clicking the forget password?  link in the log-in box
  • The email you enter is how we will connect with you with questions about your application, alert you to your upcoming renewal, and send you information  about updates and opportunities for Instructors
  • Contact Northern Lights if you need help with your application.