Medication Administration Training

Medication Administration for Child Care Providers (2.5 hours face to face)

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This training covers the current standards and procedures for receiving, storing, preparing, administering and documenting the administration of medications. Participants learn about and demonstrate these procedures during the training. The class is taught through a combination of group instruction and small group activities.

Objectives: At the completion of this class participants will be able to:

  • Describe procedures for receiving, storing, preparing, administering, and documenting medications in the child care setting.
  • Describe symptoms of adverse reactions to medications and appropriate follow up
  • Describe and demonstrate actions to take in common emergency situations such as asthma and life-threatening allergies.

Instructors for this training are Vermont’s Child Care Wellness Consultants/Instructors, a group of registered nurses with specialized training and experience in child care health and safety issues.

This program meets the criteria for the Vermont Child Care Licensing Regulations Medication Administration Training. The course sponsor will submit attendance to Northern Lights to enter into participant’s individual BFIS Credential account as verified training hours.  A certificate of attendance will also be given to each participant to keep for their records.