Child Care Apprentice Courses

Vermont’s Child Care Apprenticeship Program includes 6 college courses (18 credits). The classes are contracted by the Vermont Industry and Careers Council (VCCICC) from the Community College of Vermont (CCV).  They are offered in 4 regions of the state in CCV academic centers and as hybrid courses (face to face + online).

Courses are open at a reduced rate to others working in regulated child care, as space allows.   Contact VCCICC.

Courses sponsored by the Vermont Child Care Industry & Careers Council include:

  • Communication in the Early Childhood and Afterschool Workplace
  • Infant and Toddler Development
  • Development of the Young Child – Ages 3-8
  • Curriculum Development in Early Childhood Education
  • Program Management in Early Childhood and Afterschool Programs
  • Leadership, Mentoring and Supervision in Early Childhood and Afterschool Programs

Enrolled child care apprentices complete all six courses, at no charge over 2-years, as part of the requirements of the Child Care Apprenticeship program.

Students who complete the 6 courses:

  • May meet the education requirements for the Child Development Associate credential (CDA) after 1 year (3 classes)
  • With one more completed course in a core knowledge area, may be eligible for an early childhood Level IIIA certificate
  • Completed  Apprentices are awarded a Child Care Apprenticeship Certificate from the Vermont Department of Labor and are eligible for an early childhood Level IIIA certificate
  • Have met the required coursework for Step 1 and begun Step 2 of the Program Director Credential.