Beyond the Fundamentals

These 7 training modules build on entry level knowledge and skills.  They range from 4-17 hours each.  The modules –

The modules are offered in each region of Vermont by Resource Development Specialists and others. Sessions are listed in the Bright Futures Information System (BFIS) Course Calendar.

Interested instructors need to contact a regional Resource Development Specialist or Northern Lights Career Development Center before offering these Modules.
Module* Description Details objectives, topics, assignments, resources
Healthy Learning Environments 

4 hours

This module is presented by an instructor trained to present the I am Learning I am Moving Curricula.  Content includes creating healthy environments, physical activity and nutrition. DETAILS of Healthy Learning Environments (I am learning I am Moving)

Program Management
4  hours
This module focuses on child care program operation and particularly development of program policies related to health and safety. Program Management DETAIL

other resources

What is the Child Development Associate (CDA)  Credential?

3 hours

This training informs both early childhood professionals interested in earning a Child Development Associate (CDA) credential and professionals who support, train and advise the early childhood workforce. As a result of this training, participants will have a full understanding of the components, process and available resources related to achieving a CDA Credential. DETAILS 

CDA website

CDA Training Log tool

What is CDA (Northern Lights webpage)

SAMPLE Professional Portfolio OUTLINE: for CDA info, Level II portfolio and more

Promoting Social and Emotional Development*

15 hours

This mental health series is aligned with the teaching pyramid model for supporting social competence and preventing challenging behavior in young children.  This series is based on training and tools provided by the Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (CSEFEL) Preschool Modules 1 and 2. This research-based series creates a strong foundation to support all children. DETAILS
Assignments for this module
CSEFEL website

Principles of Child Development and Learning*

6 hours

One recommendation of this Module is that students are observed working with children

This module focuses on the relationship between child development and the learning environment. It also addresses creating an inclusive environment. DETAILS

Observation of practitioner-guidance
Observation of practitioner form
Observer of the Practitioner- type in

Productive Relationships with Families*

12 hours OR 17 hours

This module focuses on supporting all families and creating a family centered program. Use the Zero to Three: Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect Curriculum  (12 hours)ORStrengthening Families (17 hours) DETAILS for Zero to Three Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect Curricula (use PCAN trainers)Strengthening Families (17 hour) modules can only be presented by a trained Strengthening Families presenter
Observing and Recording Children’s Behavior

2014: 6 hours

2010: 9 hours

This module introduces early education professionals to the importance and value of purposeful observation in a group setting.  It also examines observation techniques and how they can be used to support individual children and improve the overall quality of the learning environment. 2014 DETAILED outline
2010 DETAILED outline
Pre-K Observation Workshop

Introduction to Early Learning Standards (Physical and Intellectual Development) 

6 hours

One recommenda-tion for this Module is that students are observed working with children

This module addresses standards of quality and particularly the  Vermont Early Learning Standards (VELS) developed by the Vermont Agency of Education and how they can be used. DETAILED outline

Observation of practitioner-guidance
Observation of practitioner form
Observer of the Practitioner- type in

* These modules may meet requirements for Advanced Specialized Care Training hours. Advanced Specialized Care training is a required of those practitioners who have completed Basic Specialized Care and want to maintain their status as specialized service providers.  Advanced Specialized Care includes 6 hours of training that is above and beyond the hours required to maintain program licensure or registration.  The training relates to caring for children at risk or those who have special needs.