Children’s Integrated Services (CIS)

The three part orientation series and five part one plan series works in tandem with other orientation activities planned for newly hired CIS providers or for community partners. It should take about two hours to complete all modules. CIS professionals should complete the quizzes at the end of each module and print the results as a record of one of the professional development activities for the year. The training will not count towards training hours for child care licensing purposes.


Orientation to CIS

Module 1  Reviews the history, state and regional structure and description of services available to families and their children up to age six and child care programs.

Module 2  Covers the roles of service providers, qualification and examples of work and role of primary service coordinator.

Module 3 Provides an overview of the five principles of teams, examples of team skills and tools for effective teams.

One Plan

Module 1 and 2 Identification, information gathering and summary are the first two stages of the One Plan process for CIS. Learn about referral sources, consent, rationale for using teams and skills for teams, writing a summary based on the information gathered, and effective communication strategies.

Module 3 Focuses on the development of the One Plan goals as a team, tools to engage the family and team members, writing measurable and observable outcomes and timelines.

Module 4 Covers service delivery stage of the One Plan process.  This learning objectives include problem solving as a team, process improvement, and plan review process and timelines.

Module 5 Transition and exit stage of the One Plan reviews components of a transition to another program or service and communication strategies to enhance sharing of information during a transition and exit from CIS services.