Approved Sponsors of Online classes

The following sponsors of online professional development classes and courses (not for college credit) have been approved by Vermont Northern Lights Career Development Center. Click on the name of the sponsor to open their website.

  • You must submit a copy of your certificate of completion to Northern Lights, in order to have these completed trainings entered into your BFIS Credential account. Please print, complete and submit this cover page.
  • Some sponsors have additional requirements in order to have their training approved in Vermont; these are italicized in the statements below each sponsor name.
  • The Sponsors marked as BASIC, offer modules that are a starting place for learning the content.  Some Sponsors continue to add new modules- check their online catalogue.
  • All courses are done at your own pace, and you can start and stop as you wish.  All courses are best viewed using Google or Firefox and high speed internet.  You must pass the final quiz at the end of each course to get the certificate and credit for the course.

Better Kid Care (approved 4-2012; updated 3-2016)

Better Kid Care’s On Demand system for online learning offers more than 100 lessons on a variety of topics for early childhood and school-age childcare professionals and directors.  Vermont has ONLY approved Lessons that are 2 hours or longer. To find the modules look for  “on Demand” lessons in a box on the left about half way down the page.   That is where you can sign in as a new user. You can preview the content of all lessons for free.   There is a $5.00 fee to take the final lesson assessment and receive a Certificate of Completion (and CEUs).  Better Kid Care partners with the Department of Defense, USDA, the University of Nebraska and the Military Child Care Liaison Initiative to provide these courses.  More courses are added regularly.

Better Kid Care: VT Approved Orientation Training (see CDD webpage )NOTE: for this training do not send the certificate of completion to Northern Lights. Instead, we enter completers from monthly reports from by Better Kid Care.  We will automatically enter your completion of this  orientation into your BFIS credential account by the end of the month after you complete the module.  Be sure you enter your correct  BFIS credential number when you take the VT Orientation.

Building  Blocks for Literacy (approved 9-7-12)

The Stern Center’s BUILDING BLOCKS FOR LITERACY® online program provides early care and education providers, early educators, and parents of preschoolers research-based early literacy strategies.  The 12-hour self-paced course includes information, strategies and activities to support Language Development, Shared Book Reading emphasizing Vocabulary Development, Phonological Awareness, and the Speech to Print Connection including Alphabet Knowledge.   It addresses the early childhood core knowledge areas: child development, teaching and learning, a families and communities.

Care Courses (approved 9-7-12)  BASIC

Care Courses is a distance learning school serving child care providers, teachers, and directors.  Care Courses may be used to obtain and renew the CDA national credentials. We offer more than 70 courses of various lengths and covering a wide variety of topics. Sample tuition costs:  2-clock-hour courses = $18;  20-clock-hour courses = $57. All of our courses are available in book format; most courses are also available in online format. Access to your instructor is available by phone and email. For more information, please visit our website or phone our office (1-800-685-7610, M-F, 9-5 Eastern Time).

Child Care Aware Training Academy (approved 9-1-12)

The Child Care Aware Training Academy™ is the Child Care Aware® of America online education resource offering professional development courses for CCR&R professionals and child care providers. Child Care Aware® of America partners with state and local CCR&Rs to offer Training Academy courses in their area. Programs are web-based, self-paced and courses start at as little as $35. They are available in both English and Spanish, and learners have access to their courseware for a year. To verify these trainings in VT, participants who successfully complete a Child Care Aware Training Academy™ Module must submit the certificate AND their reflections on (a) way(s) you will transfer this new knowledge to practiceand (b) ideas/ resources you would like to explore further to Northern Lights Career Development Center.  Child Care Aware regularly adds courses.

ChildCare Education Institute (approved 10-2012)

ChildCare Education Institute (CCEI) provides child care staff with a pathway for professional development, education and certification goals. CCEI offers over 100 online professional development courses, plus a course of study to help you earn certificates such as the Child Development Associate (CDA), Early Childhood Credential (ECC) and others. CCEI is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) and approved by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) to award IACET Continuing Education Units (CEUs). To be verified in Vermont, individuals who complete the CCEI  modules must submit the certificate of completion WITH a description of the module to Northern Lights Career Development Center.   CCEI  regularly adds courses to its roster.

Cypherworx (Out of School Time Professional Development Center) BASIC (approved 6/20/2016)

Cypherworx collaborates with the Out of School Time Professional Development Center (OSTPD) to offer hundreds of online modules for a wide range of professionals. ONLY the 36 numbered OSTW (Out of School Time Workshops) modules are approved in Vermont.  Each 2 –hour module is designed specifically for afterschool professionals. Modules 1-24 are for afterschool professionals working with children in their programs, and courses 25-36 are designed for afterschool directors ( or staff).  The 36 modules in the OSTW series are a basic series for those starting in the field. Each course is $15.00. Consumers can access all of the modules over the course of a year, for $150.00. The content aligns with the VT Core Knowledge Areas and the National Afterschool Association standards for professionals. The courses can be accessed if your computer has the newest Adobe Flash,  Firefox (5.5+), and has JavaScript.

The 36 approved modules sorted by the VT Afterschool Core Knowledge Areas

Early Sprouts (approved 2-2012; updated 2-2016)

Early Sprouts offers three training series. Each includes comprehensive information and practices that support nutrition and physical activities for the preschool child.  1) Early Sprouts: 10 hour comprehensive curricula covers how and why children make food choices, everything you need to make and plant a raised bed garden and eat the produce with children; prepares the early educator to implement a 24 week seed-to-table preschool nutrition curriculum.  Cost: $80 per student (group discount). 2) Growing Healthy Eaters: 7 hour series on nutrition and the development of lifelong healthy eating behaviors.  Cost $35 per student.  3) Active Play Everyday:  6.5 hour module about including physical activity in preschool settings; Cost $35 per student.  All three modules provide information on child development, and tools and resources the provider can use based on the most current research and effective practices.

approved Early Sprouts online modules sorted by Vermont Core Knowledge areas

FEMA: Multihazard Planning for Childcare (approved 3-6-2017)

A two-hour online module, free of charge, for all types and sizes of child care programs.  As a result of successfully completing this module, you will  gain knowledge and tools to analyze the hazards and threats at your child care site, develop a plan to address them, and be able to update and practice your emergency plan.  You will need to create a user ID to take and pass the final test and print your certificate.

ProSolutions (approved 7-31-13)

ProSolutions Training has more than 100 individual courses available in numerous early care and education subject areas, available in English and Spanish. Our one-hour courses are only $10.00 each; there are money-saving special-interest package options such as the CDA and CDA Renewal, as well as annual subscription offerings for groups and individuals. With ProSolutions Training, whether the student is part of a group, or an individual taking classes on their own, each person has an individual training account and password. They can take courses and print certificates, upon course completion.  As an IACET provider, we grant IACET CEUs at no additional cost with every certificate.  To learn more about ProSolutions Training online coursework visit the weblink in the name or contact us at 800.939.9694. Additional courses are added regularly.

ePyramid Model Modules (approved 9-12-2017)

Promoting the Social Emotional Competence of Infants and Young Children: 3 On-line Modules

The Pyramid Model Consortium has been providing high quality, research-based training on the Pyramid Model for many years. Now their training is available fully on-line as an introduction to the Pyramid model or a refresher.  Each packet covers creating nurturing and responsive relationships; providing high quality supportive environments; implementing targeted social emotional supports; and practicing intensive interventions. The training is delivered using  videos of speakers, graphics, readings and many valuable handouts.

There are three packages: one for infant/ toddler, one for preschool (pre-k) and one for both. There is some overlapping content among the three. Completion of each package earns a certificate for 24 hours of training.  Cost is $49. per package and you have a year to complete the package  after you begin.  There are three modules within each package:  1) emotional  development and creating supportive environments and relationships; 2) social emotional teaching strategies that support responsive relationships and environments; 3) individualized Intervention .  The primary audience is staff and directors of center based programs, but content can be useful to child care consultants, home visitors, and family child care program staff as well.  Contact Rob Corso if interested in buying packages in bulk:

Quorum Learning (approved 8-2012)

Quorum Learning  (formerly Quality Assist) is an early education consulting company with a twenty-five+ year history of providing high-impact professional development.   Click on CATALOGUE to see all that we offer online. Courses are available 24/7 and range from 2-4 hours long. You can start and stop as needed to complete a course.  Courses are geared for teachers and  leaders in the early childhood field, with special tracks on working with infants and toddlers.  A Quorum membership gives you access to many courses at no additional charge.  Additional courses are added regularly.

Smart Horizons (approved 9-1-12)

Smart Horizons is an online education and training institution dedicated to providing quality professional development and certification programs to the early childhood and school-age industry. Programs are web-based, self-paced and courses start at as little as $10. They are available in both English and Spanish, and learners have access to their courseware for a year. There are also purchase options for centers and organizations, allowing program administrators, directors, or training coordinators to track and report on student progress in real time.  To verify these trainings in VT participants who successfully complete a Smart Horizons Module must submit their certificate AND their reflections on (a) ways you will transfer this new knowledge to practiceand (b) ideas/ resources you would like to explore further to Northern Lights Career Development Center. Additional courses are added regularly.

Successful Solutions  (approved 12-22-2017)  

Successful Solutions offers over 100 fully online workshops, for early childhood providers as well as afterschool staff and program directors, covering all of the core knowledge areas. Most modules are 1-4 hours but there are longer series, including those that support your meeting requirements for the CDA credential from the Council for Professional Recognition. Originally designed for the child care providers in Washington State, it now provides training in many states. A live instructor is available via chat and email, to answer questions and to review all assignments before successful completion of the module. NOTE that “STARS” mentioned in these modules, does NOT refer to the STARS program in VT .

 Vermont On-Line Mandated Reporter Training (Vermont Agency of Human Services and KidSafe Collaborative Inc.) (approved 4-2016)

Protecting Vermont’s Children: Reporting Abuse and Neglect.  This FREE 2.5 hour training was created by KidSafe Collaborative Inc. and is supported by the Vermont Children’s Justice Act funding and the Vermont Center for Prevention and Treatment of Sexual Abuse.  It meets the requirement for training in mandated reporting and is part of the Basic Specialized Care training requirement. Remember to send Northern Lights a copy of the certificate you are issued after you complete the course; we will enter it in your BFIS Credential account; the date of completion will be the date we received the certificate from you.

Watch Me! Celebrating Milestones and Sharing Concerns (Center for Disease Control)  (approved 12-2014)  BASIC

This is a FREE engaging, on-line training.  It is designed to help child care providers working with children ages birth to five to use developmental milestones in order to track development and talk to families.  It includes a free growth chart.  It was created by the national Center for Disease Control (CDC).  The 4 modules, together take about an hour to complete:

  • Early Care and Education Providers Important Role in Monitoring Child Development
  • Understanding Children’s Developmental Milestones
  • Objective and Engaged Developmental Monitoring
  • How to Talk with Parents about their Child’s Development

The modules were developed, in conjunction with the following partners and organizations: National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), Administration on Children and Families (Office of Head Start and Office of Child Care), Child Care Aware, American Academy of Pediatrics (Healthy Child Care America), Maternal and Child Health Bureau, and the Yale Child Study Center.  Learners need to successfully complete the final quiz in order to download the certificate of completion.  This module addresses the early childhood core knowledge areas: child development, and families and communities

Youth Development Institute (YDI) Courses (Partnership for Families and Children) (approved 10-2012)

The Youth Development Institute is a series of online training courses for youth-serving paraprofessionals and volunteers seeking to increase their knowledge and enhance their skills. The Partnership offers 16 different courses, each of which takes about 1-2 hours to complete and contains links to outside reading materials, websites and video clips that illustrate the main concepts. A Community Forum allows users to share ideas with other course-takers. Courses are self-directed, allowing users to stop and start at their convenience.  Individual courses are $15 each or you can buy the full package of 16 courses for $149. The VT Center for Afterschool Excellence uses some of these modules as part of the Afterschool Essentials training course. Certificates from YDI courses must indicate that the individual has earned at least an 80% pass to be verified in VT.