Financial Assistance

There are many different sources of financial support to pay for training and coursework,  provide lower cost options and reimbursement.

Here is a table that summarizes options for funding that supports college coursework.

Reduced cost college courses

  • Focused Portfolio and Assessment of Prior Learning  through the VT State Colleges:  credit for learning from experience – take one course, earn many college credits.  Course challenge Also ask your college if they offer assessment of prior learning.
  • Course Challenge is a process at the Community College of VT, that enables registered CCV students to petition to receive college credit for a course that is in the CCV catalogue, based on the student’s knowledge and skills gained from experience.  The Course Challenge fee is less than the cost of a college course.
  • CLEP :  take a lower cost test and get college credit for the course
  • Child Care Apprenticeship Certificate courses:  6 contracted Community College of Vermont courses sponsored by VT Child Care Industry and Careers Council are free of charge to apprentices.  If room is available in the course, other CCV students who are child care providers can take the course at low cost.

$ for college coursework

  • Vermont Association for the Education of Young Children (Vtaeyc) issues tuition grants to eligible staff working in regulated child care programs, to pay for college coursework, fees and recognition bonuses.  Contact Brenda at 802-379-7267 or email:   (These grants were formerly issued by the Child Development Division (CDD).)
  • T.E.A.C.H. scholarship program for early childhood staff working in regulated programs in VT, a) seeking an early childhood Associate Degree from the Community College of VT or b) seeking teacher licensure with early childhood endorsement through the Peer Review option.   Scholarship funds may cover books, tuition, and more. Administered by Vtaeyc.
  • VT Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC) helps you find college and Federal loans. Also ask your college advisor.

$ for community based training

  • Look in the BFIS course calendar for available training
  • Employers may pay for training and coursework, especially if it is required for your job
  • Conferences and courses offered in the community often have scholarships available if you apply
  • VT Student Assistance Corporation (VSA) has non-degree grants for courses or trainings taken to maintain or gain employment. NOTE: there is a lifetime limit on the number of these grants that can be used per person, so get advising before using these funds

Bonuses and $ for application fees

  • T.E.A.C.H. scholarship program will pay for application fees for early childhood staff working in regulated programs in VT seeking teacher licensure with early childhood endorsement through the Peer Review option.
  •  VT Association for the Education of Young Children(Vtaeyc) grants (formerly distributed by Child Development Division (CDD)) include:
    • Professional Recognition Bonus: awarded when you earn a Level Certificate on the early childhood Career ladder, or meet other Vermont credentials or certificates. Northern Lights forwards your certificate to CDD to determine if you are eligible
    • Application fees: apply to be reimbursed for the Child Development Associate Credential (CDA) application fee,  and Peer Review Assessment Fee (partial) for those applying to earn Vermont Agency of Education educator licensure with early childhood endorsement, through peer review
    • To learn more contact Brenda at 802-379-7267 or email: