College and University Coursework

Colleges offer credit and non-credit courses, and award academic degrees, credentials and certificates. Almost all of them offer some courses online in addition to traditional face to face classes. Some courses are hybrid – a mixture of face to face meetings with online. You do not have to be in a degree program to take college courses.

College coursework and degrees can help you achieve early childhood Career Level certificates, Afterschool Professional Credential,  and the Vermont Program Director Credential for early childhood and afterschool program directors, and Teacher Licensure.

The side bar of this page has additional information on getting your transcripts, colleges and universities in Vermont and nearby states with programs of study for early childhood and/or afterschool professionals.

Colleges and Universities in Vermont

Vermont has 22 public and private colleges and 3 universities.

The Community College of Vermont (CCV) is the only community college system in the state. It has 12 academic centers across Vermont, and awards an Associate of Arts Degree in Early Childhood, Human Services and other areas relevant to early childhood and afterschool professionals. It also awards a CCV child care certificate.

There are 5 Vermont state (public) colleges/university
They receive a modest amount of public funding appropriated by the Vermont legislature and tend to be less expensive for Vermonters. It is often easier to transfer credits and align courses among them.

Many of the private, independent institutions in Vermont also accept transfer credits and degrees from each other and from the public colleges. Always check with the institution about transfer credits, degrees and credit waivers.

Colleges in other states

New Hampshire, New York and Massachusetts also have public and private colleges near the Vermont border. The ones with coursework relevant to early childhood or afterschool are listed in the side bar document.

Tuition Break

Selected New England colleges provide instate tuition to students from out of their state but in New England, who enroll in  selected programs.  Programs relevant to early childhood or Afterschool professionals include:

  • Rhode Island College : Youth Development program
  • University of Massachusetts- Boston: Early Education and Care in Inclusive Settings
  • A number of new England colleges also offer tuition breaks for students in special education programs