Instructor Resources

This list of resources for instructing adults is continually being updated. Please contact Northern Lights to share other instructor resources that you have found useful.

Instructor Knowledge and Competencies

How Adults Learn

Writing Learning Objectives

Training Design

Assessment and Evaluation

Professional Development

Training Content: free resources

  • Resources organized by each domain of the Vermont Early Learning Standards (VELS) and other topics HERE 

Clips of children/adults to use in training

  • Community Playthings  video archives   see also other resources on their site including blogs and articles.   Need to log in to access.
  • Every Child a Treasure (video; UVM – VT Center on Disability and Community Inclusion) information from families who have a child with special needs.
  • Videatives :   short clips from real life early  childhood programs in practice. to get on their email list and regularly receive emails of short clips of young children in group settings, with discussion points for each clip.  Free trial for 2weeks, then pay to continue to receive them.
  • Child Care Exchange  has video clips, articles and other media that can be purchased.  This includes the Videatives above, collected and organized into a series of DVDs.  Click HERE to access the website.
  • Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect  (PCAN) curricula from Zero to Three; includes supplemental DVD (housed at Community Child Care Support Agencies)
  • Illinois Early Learning videos of developmental benchmarks
  • Developmentally Appropriate practice (NAEYC) companion DVD (at Community Child Care Support Agencies)- video clip examples; also see NEAYC website
  • Frank Porter Graham: CONNECT’s module on early intervention: embedded interventions, transitions etc.
  • CSEFEL (Center for Social Emotional Foundations of Early Learning) see also in  the side bar of that page Training Modules preschool and infant;  within those are additional short videos of children in child care settings, without narration.   See also DVD’s distributed at Foundations of Early Learning train the trainer: Promoting Social Emotional Competence and Practical Strategies for Teaching Social Emotional Skills
  • PITC  (Program for Infant Toddler Caregivers) On-line resource library including training DVDs  to purchase ; Northern Lights has the curriculum to loan
  • Afterschool Training Tool kit – National Partnership for Quality Afterschool Learning, WGBH Educational Foundation (housed at Community Child Care Support Agencies)
  • Results Matter:  from the Colorado Department of Education provides illustrations of children participating in typical activities that can be used for practicing observation, documentation, and assessment skills in professional development programs. You can watch the videos online or download the free clips for use in educational and professional development activities. The clips are available  HERE All previous issues are available online in the Natural Resource Archive : go to the Archive and scroll down or search for key words by using the search function (CONTROL + F) in your browser.
  • Results Matter  series includes:
  • Early Care and Education: videos in which teachers share stories and illustrate the ways in which they are using video in their work. Be sure to watch Watching Video Documentation with Children.
  • Early Intervention: Stories.  Note: Reflections During the Final Home Visit.
  • Clips for Practicing Observation, Documentation and Assessment Skills: children participating in typical preschool routines and activities. These clips were produced to be used in professional development activities to give early care and education providers an opportunity to practice observation, documentation, and authentic assessment skills. Five of these clips are in a Spanish speaking classroom.  The run times are one to six minutes.
  • General Interest: overview of “What is Authentic Assessment”  and other clips
  • Using Technology for Authentic Assessment: clips illustrating how teachers are using digital video, iPhones, and iPods to document children’s learning and progress. Illustration of sharing digital video with families in Aurelius Reading at Naptime. Tutorial, Using MPEG Streamclip to Edit Video Files, that shows step-by-step instructions for using a free application to edit and compress digital video files.
  • Practices Here and There: Practices used by programs that participate in the Results Matter Video Project.