Here are the applications for Northern Lights Certificates and Credentials.

The Vermont Association for the Education of Young Children (Vtaeyc) issues a Professional Recognition Bonus for certificates and credentials achieved by qualified and eligible professionals. Complete this W9 form to submit with your application if you are eligible for a Recognition Bonus.

Details about each of these certificates and about the bonuses can be found under Career Pathways.

Early Childhood Career Level Certificate Applications

Note:  Levels I-IIIA require an observation of the applicant. Find information about that here.

Program Director Certificates and Credential Applications

Find details about these certificates and the credentials HERE 

Afterschool Certificate and Credential Applications

Find details about these Afterschool Certificates and Credentials HERE

Instructor  Applications

Find out the about the Instructor Registry requirements HERE

Peer Review Project

Find out about the Peer Review Project HERE