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Instructor: Rebecca Mack

57 North Winooski Ave. #3
Burlington, VT 05401

Phone: 802-540-0257

Instructor Level

Specialist II


Bachelor's degree in Psychology, Studio Art

Recent professional development: Head Start Arts course (Vermont Arts Council). Painting classes at Wingspan Studio. Voice lessons with Roxanne Vought.
Rebecca Mackhas not received formal instruction in adult education or in the facilitation of learning for adults.

Work Experience

Burlington Children's Space, Atelierista, January 2015 to present

Burlington Children's Space, afternoon preschool teacher, May 2012 to January 2015

Vermont Respite House, Certified Hospice and Palliative Nursing Assistant, 2004-2011

Brundibár (Children's Opera) Creative Team with In Tandem Arts and Theatre Kavanah, music director, July 2014 to April 2016

Brass Balagan, vocalist and percussionist, June 2011 to present

Amerykanka, vocalist, 2012 to 2014

Flying Hen Studio: photography and mixed media art practice, 2004- present

DJ Mothertrucker, performing DJ, sound artist, 2000-present

University of Vermont, Photography TA, 2005

0-5 years instructing adults.
1.Sarah Adams-Kollitz (Executive Director, Burlingto802-658-1500
2.Ellen Schwartz (Prospect School Fellowship Mentor)802-257-4436

Additional Information

Describing Natural Objects- Burlington Children's SpaceFebruary 2013Group1
Using the Prospect School's Descriptive ProcessesSeptember 2013Group4.5
Sound and Light Studio- Campus Children's Center Inservice P.D.August 2015Group4
Paper Studio-Burlington Children's Space InserviceP.D.August 2015Group4
Sound and Light Studio- BCS Parent Listening WalkApril 2015Group2
Sound and Light Studio- Burlington Children's Space Inservice P.D.February 2015Group3
Teaching and Learning (Early Childhood)
Professionalism and Program Organization (Early Childhood)
Training Topics:Indoor Learning Environments
Curriculum Development
Early Literacy
Professional Growth
1. Human development is continuous and unceasing; the benefits we provide to children under our instruction benefit us as instructors as well.

2.Play is an essential component of continuous human development. It is of benefit to adult educators to play, and to explore materials, outside of their role as instructors.

3. Providing open-ended materials and a structured time and space in which to explore those materials benefits human in all stages of development.


$40 per hour
100 miles from Burlington, VT

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