Early Childhood and Family Mental Health Competencies

The Vermont Early Childhood Family Mental Health (ECFMH) Competencies (2007)  accompany and broaden the early childhood and afterschool Core Competencies.

TheECFMH competencies can guide the professional development of individuals working in various fields, who support children ages birth to eight and the families.   Professionals who use these competencies may include: educators, therapists, childcare providers, pediatricians, home health care providers, early interventionists, social workers, and child welfare workers.

The Competencies are organized into six knowledge areas:

  • Philosophy  and Professional Orientation
  • Family Systems
  • Child Development
  • Assessment
  • Addressing Challenges
  • Systems Resources

Each of these knowledge areas are organized by ascending levels: Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced, and Specialist.

An ECFMH credential based on the Intermediate level competencies is available in Vermont.

Training curricula that contain the ECFMH Competencies, which are currently used in Vermont are: