Level II Portfolio – Early Childhood Career Pathways

Level II Portfolio is one option to reach a Level II certificate on the Career Ladder.

What is the Level II Portfolio Option? It is designed for those who don’t or can’t pursue the other two options to reach Level II.  First read all of the documents below and decide  whether Level II Portfolio is the right option for you.  If it is right for you, you must first send a letter to Northern Lights requesting permission to apply (see details in the documents below).
Introduction and Requirements explains why you might want to use Level II portfolio to achieve a Level II certificate, and what is required. At this time the approved Level II Portfolio does NOT meet the criteria for an Associate Teacher in a licensed child care center.  It is recognized by STARS, Northern Lights and by the Child Development Division for a Recognition Bonus if other criteria are met.
The Level II Portfolio Option is designed for those who:
      • already have at least 480 hours working (volunteered or paid) with young children in groups and are currently working with a group of young children, preferably in a program regulated by the Vermont Child Development Division;
      • have accumulated at least 125 hours of professional development (training or coursework) that is well documented and covers the five Core Knowledge Areas;
      • are organized and comfortable with writing, details, collecting and preparing paperwork;
      • can work independently and persist in a project in all its requirements;
      • use the Northern Lights website and other online resources
      • Do not or cannot plan to pursue a CDA or take college course work related to the early
        care and education field

The pages below are OPTIONAL and could help you with a Portfolio Notebook:

There are three sections you will need to complete for your Level II Portfolio, detailed below. Click on the UNDERLINED documents below to open and print the documents that must be submitted with your portfolio.  Once a portfolio is submitted to Northern Lights, the portfolio review process evaluates whether an individual has the documented training and skills to meet the requirements for a Level II certificate.  Level II Portfolio checklist helps you organize what you need to include in the portfolio.

Section Guidance Forms
A) Professional Documents Level II Professional Documents list and detail Level II Portfolio Review: Application

B) Documentation of competency by Core Knowledge area Level II Portfolio: Documentation Detail guidance on what you need to write or collect for your portfolio Level II Portfolio checklist
C) 125 hours of Training Documentation in 5 Core Knowledge areas (see page one of Training Grid document) Level II: Training Grid with documentation of completed training hours