From CDA to College Credit

You learned a lot earning your Child Development Associate Credential  (CDA).  How do you use what you learned from getting your CDA,  to earn college credit and move up the Career Ladder?

There are a number of options:

1Focused Portfolio option at CCV: earn up to 16 credits for taking one credit course.  This 6 week course (EDU 1225) is offered regularly by the Community College of Vermont (CCV), either on line or face to face.   Learn more about the course .   The course teaches you to create and submit a successful portfolio.  Once submitted to CCV, the portfolio is reviewed by two experts in the field.  They then recommend how much college credit you should receive based on the evidence you present in your  portfolio.  You can earn up to 16 total credits in one topic area.  Four of those credits can be practicum credit, based on work experience in the field.  The credits awarded are recognized by CCV. Northern Lights also recognizes these documented credits when they relate to your work in early childhood or afterschool settings.

Check the current CCV catalogue to find when the next Focused Portfolio course is being offered.  If a group of providers in one region want to do Focused Portfolio together, contact CCV – Office of External Programs about creating a course for your cohort.

2Each of these VT colleges offer college credit for a CDA to students who enroll and are getting a degree from that college.  Each of these colleges also offers an early childhood Bachelor degree program for working professionals.

Learn more about  college pathways and getting credit for what you know.

Remember, the Child Development Division has a tuition scholarship for up to $1000 per semester per person, to pay for college coursework that relates to your work in regulated childcare settings.  Learn more about financial assistance for college coursework.