Completed Vermont Child Care Apprenticeship Certificate

Vermont’s Child Care Apprenticeship Program  was created by the Vermont Child Care Industry and Careers Council in partnership with the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Apprenticeship & Training, and the VT Department of Labor, Apprenticeship Division.

Individuals may apply to be a Child Care Apprentice if they:
–  are working in a regulated child care program or Agency of Education setting, under supervision,
–   have a GED or high school diploma

There is no cost to Apprentices, to complete the program.  Completed Apprentices are awarded a Child Care Apprenticeship Certificate from the Vermont Department of Labor and are eligible for an early childhood Level IIIA certificate.  In addition, a Recognition Bonus is awarded by the Child Development Division for eligible professionals.

Successful completion of the Child Care ApprenticeshipProgram includes:

  • successfully completing  6 college courses (18 credits). The classes are contracted by the Vermont Industry and Careers Council (VCCICC) from the Community College of Vermont (CCV). They are offered in 4 to 7  regions of the state in CCV academic centers and as hybrid courses (face to face + online).
  • attend additional, designated training in their communities
  • work with a Child Care Apprenticeship mentor and have 4000 hours of documented experience with young children

About the Child Care Apprenticeship Courses

All students in the courses must be accepted by the Community College of Vermont.  Enrolled child care apprentices complete all six courses, at no charge over 2-years, as part of the requirements of the Child Care Apprenticeship program.

The courses  are open at a reduced rate to others working in regulated child care, as space allows.  Contact VCCICC to see if there are openings.

Courses sponsored by the Vermont Child Care Industry & Careers Council include:

  • Communication in the Early Childhood and Afterschool Workplace
  • Infant and Toddler Development
  • Development of the Young Child – Ages 3-8
  • Curriculum Development in Early Childhood Education
  • Program Management in Early Childhood and Afterschool Programs
  • Leadership, Mentoring and Supervision in Early Childhood and Afterschool Programs

Students who complete the 6 courses also benefit in other ways:

  • The individual may meet the education requirements for the Child Development Associate credential (CDA) after 1 year (3 classes).  A course may also be used to renew a CDA Credential.
  • If the student is not a  completed Apprentice, and successfully completes the 6 courses and one more  course related to work in the field, the individual may be eligible for an early childhood Level IIIA certificate  (21 total credits)
  • Courses may also  meet requirements toward a CCV Child Care Certificate (27 credits) or an Associate Degree in Early Childhood from CCV ( 60 credits)
  • The  courses meet the required coursework for Step 1 and one of three courses for  Step 2 of the Vermont Program Director Credential.