Early Educator License Through Peer Review

The Peer Review Project (PRP) is a  Vermont program to help experienced early childhood professionals  gain Vermont Agency of Education educator licensure with an endorsement in early childhood, using the alternative Peer Review option.  The project aims to increase the number of licensed early childhood teachers working with young children in Vermont.

Should you apply?

  • Are you an experienced early childhood educator?
  • Do you have a minimum of a Bachelor Degree?
  • Do you want educator licensure with an early childhood endorsement?
  • Can you commit to a 10 month or longer project?

Here is the process:  Information flyer for the 2018 Peer Review Project

  1. Read the 2018 Peer Review Project Handbook before you prepare your application.
  2. Download the fillable Application for the Peer Review Project 2018.  Please read it carefully.
  3. Submit all documents by the deadline to be considered for the course.
  4. Those accepted will be notified.  There are limited slots available.

To help prepare professionals to create the portfolio and apply for educator licensure through Peer Review, the professionals accepted into the Project:

  • attend a 10-month,  hybrid (on-line and face to face) course and
  • receive guidance from a regional mentor

Benefits of Educator Licensure: Public schools require the teachers they hire to have current educator licensure with the appropriate endorsement.   Many school districts in Vermont also have partnerships with community based early care and education programs to serve children ages three to five.  In 2016, all public school districts/supervisory unions will need to provide early childhood education services- either in the school or in partnership with qualified community based early education programs.  When community based child care programs partner with schools, they qualify for public education funding.  One requirement of this partnership is that a licensed educator with early childhood endorsement works with the children in the program.

Peer Review is an approved process for those who hold at least a bachelor’s degree and who have acquired the knowledge, experience and skills needed to meet the competencies, requirements and Principles for Vermont Educators through professional development and experience.  For Peer Review, professional development experiences may include workshops and other non-credit bearing activities.  For more in-depth information about Peer Review, consult the  Agency of Education Peer Review Handbook or contact Wendy.Scott@Vermont.gov  (802) 479-1714.   Also visit the Agency of Education Peer Review page on their website.

Transcript Review: Professionals who are already licensed teachers in another endorsement area may want to request a review of their college coursework with the Vermont Agency of Education to get the Early childhood education endorsement. Only professional development that is credit bearing is considered during a transcript review.  The Vermont Agency of Education has the latest information on transcript review.