BFIS – Tracking Professional Development

There are two important accounts in Bright Futures Information System (BFIS). Both need a user name and password to enter

A Quality and Credential account in BFIS is about YOU. Each staff person working in a regulated child care program has one.   It is your private online location to hold information about your –

  • work experience
  • completed degrees and coursework
  • education in process
  • certificates and credentials
  • individual professional development plan (IPDP)
  • training/workshop attendance
  • copies of transcripts, resume, educator license

 The Program Account (sometimes called the Provider account) is about your program.  If you leave your program, your Credential account will come with you, but the Program account will not.  These two accounts hold different information.

To get into your Credential Account you need a user name and password

  • If you are a family child care provider, your Credential account and your Program/Provider account use the same user name and password to log in to BFIS.
  • If you work as staff in a licensed center, then your Credential Account and Program/Provider account user name and password are usually not the same  (if you are the person who also has  access to the Child Care Programs Account BFIS account, then you can use the same user name and password for both Credential and Program Accounts) .

This document explains how to get a BFIS Credential user name and password if you don’t have one already.   The Child Development Division Webpage has tutorials and other guides to help you find and use your BFIS account.

Use the user name and password to log in to your Quality and Credential Account on the BFIS home page in the log in box on the left.  After you click LOG IN  you will have a choice of three Log-in tabs.  Remember to log into the CREDENTIAL account (the second choice) of the three to see YOUR professional development.

When you get into your account, see your BFIS Credential Account number in the upper left side of the page. This is your unique number.  Put it in your phone or calendar and in your memory!  This is the number you put on the sign in sheet when you attend a BFIS Sponsor workshop or conference.

This is what your account page looks like on the “professional development” tab.

Once you are in your Credential Account you can – 

  • create, update and print your IPDP in your account. Here is a step by step guide to entering your IPDD in your BFIS Credential account.  You can also print your IPDP.
  • see and print the listing of the trainings and workshops you have attended.   You can  only add training and education information into your account by sending it to Northern Lights. Use the Verification Cover Sheet to guide you as to what to send, where to send it and where it will show up in your account.  The Cover Page should also be used on top of the documents you send to Northern Lights to enter into your account.  Northern Lights staff will verify and enter your documents into your account.
  • see which college courses Northern Lights  noted as “related credit”.  In addition to scanning and entering your transcript, Northern Lights staff will select the successfully completed related credits in your transcript and list them in the “Professional Development” tab of your Credential Account

Another way the training you have completed can get into your BFIS credential account is by a BFIS Sponsor.  There are over 130 BFIS Sponsors who work with Northern Lights to submit calendar and attendance information in a streamlined process.  When these Sponsors submit their attendance lists to Northern Lights, our staff enters attendance for each participant into his or her account.

Now your information is in one place, electronically.  When applying for certificates, credentials, tuition grants, program licensing and STARS, your account can be viewed by Child Care Licensors, Northern Lights staff, Child Development Division grantors, and STARS administrators.  Just reference your BFIS Credential Account number.

The Bright Futures Information System(BFIS) is a data management system operated by the Child Development Division of the Department for Children and Families.  Northern Lights Career Development Center helps people to use the professional development tools in BFIS.