Fundamentals for Early Childhood Professionals

Posted by on Sep 12, 2012 in News

This 45 hour course is offered all over the Vermont!  Find the list* of when it will be in your region.  Fundamentals for Early Childhood Professionals –

  • Meets the child care licensing requirement for new staff of child care centers that do not yet have education or experience in child care.
  • Contributes 45 hours of Child Development Associate (CDA) training hours, across the 8 required subject areas.
  • Meets the education requirement to obtain a Northern Lights Level I certificate.
  • Is a great foundation and reinforcement for any professional working with groups of young children.
  • Students who complete the Fundamentals course and become a student at the  Community College of Vermont (CCV), may use the Course Challenge process to apply for college credit for the course.

Find the details of each course in the BFIS Course Calendar!

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