Professional Development and Career Planning for Early Childhood and Afterschool Professionals

Welcome to the Vermont Northern Lights Career Development Center for Early Childhood and Afterschool Professionals. This website continues to evolve in order to provide the most current information on professional development and career planning.

Career Pathways

Your professional development is an ongoing journey. Career pathways connect your experience, education and training – supporting your professional goals and enabling you to secure employment and advancement in your field. In Vermont there are many ways to reach your professional goals and be recognized for your accomplishments. More about your career pathway »

Training and Coursework

Training, coursework, workshops, classes, modules – all of these help you gain knowledge and skills. They are interactive, have clear learning objectives and are based on adult learning principles. When you apply them to working with children and families, they help you grow as a professional. More about training and coursework »


There are varied roles and responsibilities in the early childhood and afterschool fields. Individuals work full time, part time or as intermittent employees. They work directly with children, and work with adults as administrators, instructors, consultants, advisors and sponsors of training. More about your role as a professional »

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