Afterschool Essentials Course

This course helps beginning staff or new program directors working in afterschool programs to gain a solid foundation.  The course is usually completed in nine months.   Successful completion of the course results in an Afterschool Essentials Certificate as well as the Afterschool Foundations Certificate.

To sign up for the next Afterschool Essentials Course contact staff at Vermont Afterschool, Inc.

The Afterschool Essential Course includes the following activities:

  • completing 11 core online modules
  • attending four full-day group training and discussion sessions with other afterschool professionals
  • completing face to face group trainings
  • studying and writing in a concentration area 
  • being observed while working in an afterschool program
  • completing a  portfolio  

Afterschool Essentials provides the basic understanding of school-age child development, program and curriculum development, health and safety requirements, and affective work with families. Knowledge and skills in these areas are critical to the success of both employees and afterschool programs.

Successful completion of the course results in the award of an Afterschool Essentials certificate, issued by Vermont Northern Lights Career Development Center, and the potential to also receive a Professional Recognition Bonus from the Vermont Child Development Division or VT Afterschool, Inc.