Online Training and Coursework

Colleges and other sponsors of professional development all over the world offer online training.  Some class sessions are only available online and some are hybrid, meaning the class sessions include both face to face meetings and time online.

To successfully complete online training students need:

  • High Speed internet access, an email account and up-to-date programs on your computer
  • Skills and experience in computer use
  • Time to take the class
  • To work and learn alone and independently
  • To learn by reading and thinking and writing
  • $ to pay for the module or course

Northern Lights Career Development Center reviews and approves sponsors of online training that is not for college credit.

Online training and coursework may be used for one or more of these:

  • Training hours to meet Vermont child care program licensing annual hours; training hours for Step Ahead Recognition System (STARS) – staff qualifications/professional development arena; initial Child Development Associate (CDA) credential required training, Agency of Education training to renew educator licensure, and more.  Be sure to follow the specific training requirements of the program or credential.
  • College credit (undergraduate or graduate).  Online courses from colleges and universities are approved and verified the same way as traditional face to face courses, with a transcript.   It is also important to only take college coursework from colleges and universities that are appropriately accredited, so credits can be approved and transferred to other schools. Northern Lights verifies college credits, and approves them for Vermont Career Level certificates and credentials.  Online college credit is treated the same way as any other college credit.
  • Continuing Education Units (CEU) are a measure of approved training (usually one unit = 10 hours).  Approved CEUs are only offered by a) some colleges and universities, b) organizations accredited by IACET (International Association of Continuing Education and Training)  or c) professional organizations such as the Mental Health Counselors.   CEUs are often required for renewal of professional licensure. They are not required in order to renew Vermont Agency of Education educator licensure. CEUs may meet the training hours required to renew a Child Development Associate Credential (CDA).

NOTE: Northern Lights must receive a copy of the certificate of completion or college transcript in order to verify online training and post them in your BFIS Quality and Credential Account.  Please use this cover page when submitting documents.

About Webinars: A webinar is a presentation that people watch and listen to through the computer screen.    There is no requirement to participate or interact with the presenter or other students during a webinar, and no requirement that the participant’s learning is evaluated.  In Vermont, if professionals want to receive training credit for completing a webinar, they need to treat it like face to face group training.  (see the FAQ in the side bar) For further information about counting webinars for professional development training hours, contact Northern Lights.