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Main office street location: CCV – 660 Elm Street, Montpelier VT 05601
Main office mailing address: CCV – PO Box 489, Montpelier, VT 05601
Main office FAX:  802-828-2805- ATTN: Northern Lights
Satellite office: CCV – 307 South St. Springfield, VT 05156
Satellite office FAX: 802-885-8373 – ATTN Northern Lights email for attendance, calendar items and documentation to enter into BFIS email for Instructor Registry correspondence and career ladder applications via email

Contact Focus Areas
Nancy Sugarman, Director
CCV – PO Box 489
Montpelier, VT 05601
802.828.2876 direct line
802.828.2800 CCV – transfer to Northern Lights during business hrs.
FAX: 802-828-2805  (attention Northern Lights)
Project and staff supervision, statewide liaison, management and fiscal oversight; MATCH, ECFMH Credential, training and career advising
Coordinator Amelia Struthers
Community College of Vermont
307 South St.
Springfield, VT 05156
FAX: 802.885.8373 (attention Northern Lights)  or
Instructor Registry management, professional development in BFIS, Program Director Credential,  training and career advising
Sherry Carlson
Northern Lights Contractor:
Curricula related to Level I and II competencies, support for Agency of Education licensure Peer Review option for early childhood endorsement
Sylvia Kennedy-Godin and Jeanie Gilman, Records Specialists

CCV, PO Box 489
Montpelier, VT 05601
Sylvia: direct line 802.828.2877
Jeanie: direct line 802.828.2878
FAX: 802-828-2805 (attention Northern Lights)

BFIS Course Calendar and Attendance, tracking and recording professional documents and certificates issued by Northern Lights, collating survey data
Sue Ryan, Director of VCCICC
Vermont Child Care Industry and Careers Council
Project partner and coordination
Deborah Stewart, Academic Dean
Community College of Vermont
307 South St.
Springfield, VT 05156
Supervision of project staff, leadership, and fiscal agent